Synthetic rope winches are a traction style winches providing a high force by utilizing multiple wraps of rope around a pair of grooved drums.  A load roller giving a starting friction against one of the drums and as a result eliminates the need for back tension by the supply reel.  The starting friction gets amplified each time it is wrapped around the drum again, so the rope will not slip.


Providing up to 40,000 lbs. tension and speeds up to 50 feet per minute as a result the Beta BSR-2 Synthetic Rope Winch matches your needs.   Requiring no back tension allows as a result for the rope to be stored on any spool.  A maximum rope size of 1.00″ diameter provides operational flexibility.

Single or smaller motors provide lower capacities.  Built in any size to suit your needs as required.

Eliminating the need for back tension facilitates the winch being mounted in any orientation.  The lower mounting connection swivels, and an upper concentric post support the weight of the winch when horizontally mounted for applications such as pipeline remediation.


Matching the needs for extended reach remediation, this setup provides two strippers, a load cell, and a pipeline connection flange.  This assembly enhances extended reach remediation in pressured pipelines.

Shop makeup and testing of assemblies such as this will reduce your setup time and speed your field operations.  We provide engineering backup and as a result provide superior remediation results.


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